Friday, September 3, 2010

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We at Florida Shuttle transportation think that in todays economy, everyone is looking to save money everywhere, anywhere, somehow... Well, we are thinking just like everyone else and we have decided to show it by giving great transportation deals on shuttle to Miami for example, great offer for only $20 dollars on weekends only. Also, we have the same incredible transportation offer on shuttle to Orlando for the same great price of $20 dollars on weekends only.

You're welcome to get any quotes at anytime utilizing our state of the art reservations system. Great way to look for any trip fare and to make the reservation right away. With fares as low as $15 dollars. Yes, ONLY $15 dollars. We are the LOWEST Shuttle bus transportation company in the State of Florida.

Also, we have unbeatable rates for your OWN PRIVATE SHUTTLE. great deals on Fort Lauderdale shuttle private transportation, Airport and Cruise transfers, Miami shuttle, Orlando shuttle and many many more destinations to choose from.

We will be posting another blog on the most affordable private shuttle fares from Orlando to Anywhere in Florida, so stay tune for the upcoming TRANSPORTATION DEALS

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Thank you!